Rotary / Swivel Joint Systems

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Rotary and swivel joint systems are mechanical components designed to enable rotational or swiveling motion between two connected parts.
A rotary joint, also known as a rotary union or rotating joint, allows for the transfer of fluid or gas from a stationary source to a rotating component. It provides a sealed connection that allows the passage of media, such as hydraulic fluid, coolant, or compressed air, while maintaining continuous rotation. Rotary joints are commonly used in various applications, including rotary machinery, industrial equipment, and fluid transfer systems.

On the other hand, a swivel joint, also referred to as a rotating or pivot joint, allows for rotational movement between two connected parts. Unlike a rotary joint, a swivel joint typically does not involve the transfer of fluid or gas. Instead, it enables rotational freedom, allowing one component to rotate or swivel relative to another while maintaining a connection. Swivel joints are commonly used in applications such as plumbing systems, hose assemblies, and articulating mechanisms.

Both rotary and swivel joint systems play crucial roles in facilitating rotational or swiveling motion in various mechanical systems. They provide flexibility, reduce stress on connected components, and enable efficient operation in applications where rotational movement is required.